Hey, choomba! I'm the community manager of the "CP77 Modding Community" Discord server, and I wanted to give y'all a status update regarding the modding effort.

Cyberpunk has been out for 4 days now, and people in the community have been working day and night on reverse engineering it. With every passing day, we are getting closer to release the first mod manager and being able to load mods without directly overwriting game assets. The server is currently full of members working on WolvenKit, the main modding tool for W3. We're also cooperating with CDPR staff, some of whom we know to be tracking us with great interest.

Modding status: The current status of a mod manager is unclear, but it should not be too far away. Avery3R figuring out how to use the built-in console was a huge milestone. We're concurrently working on various tools to help modders. The focus right now is getting all hashes for game assets and working on texture/model extraction.

Until then, cheers, Your RED Modding Team