by Moonded

Today, I’d like to introduce everyone to our website. With this website, we’re aiming to create a place where we can showcase our work and give everyone a place to find out more about it.

You might be asking yourself the question "Who are these nerds?" right about now. I can answer that: everyone working under the Red Modding Initiative! The initiative is not a corporation or anything, but rather a group of people with the common aim of creating modding tools for games made on CD Projekt Red’s proprietary REDEngine, and hopefully in the future, for other games. We do not fall under any direct, official jurisdiction of CD Projekt Co. Ltd. or their subsidiary CD Projekt Red, but are in the early stages of collaborating with them. None of our members are working full time, it should go without saying, meaning everyone is doing this in their free time. As of now, we do not pay, nor receive money for any of our efforts.

Social media and WolvenKit

Anyways, back to the main topic. In the future, you will find us on different platforms (Twitter, Reddit etc.), all of which can be found in the top right corner of the site. One of the big and exciting news for today is the fact that we are getting closer and closer to releasing the first-ever version of WolvenKit working with Cyberpunk 2077, allowing extensive modifications to the game.
WolvenKit: Github - Wiki

Cyber Engine Tweaks

You may have noticed that Cyber Engine Tweaks (CET) has discontinued its Nexus Mods page. The Nexus has rules in place that prevent mods from using telemetry networking. With the release of 1.10, basic anonymous telemetry was added to CET. This allowed Yamashi (the creator of CET) to anonymously count the amount of users actively using CET to gauge the use and level of interest in the project. This was done to ensure ongoing development efforts of the tool aren’t done in vain (i.e. why continue developing the tool if no one is using it?) The mod is still available from the dedicated GitHub repository and as of the latest update, the telemetry capabilities have been removed, as Yamashi says he’s obtained the information he sought.
CET: Github - Wiki

Until next time,
Your Red Modding Team